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Decorative Concrete, Wilton Manors, FL

When you are looking for trustworthy flooring material, the best option you can find is concrete. Many households in Wilton Manors, FL rely on concrete not only because of its availability but also its proven quality. Especially in Florida’s tropical climate, concrete is the ideal choice due to its durability. Moreover, decorative concrete is a great option for its flexibility in design.  

Concrete overlay is trusted for its cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality and sturdiness. In short, you can get beautiful concrete floors that will last long at a low cost. And you have Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros to assist you in the process. If you have an old concrete floor now, we can evaluate it for our concrete resurfacing service. This repairs and adds design to your dull-looking floor. Our overlays are aesthetic and functional. Learn about how we provide better service than other companies today.

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Services We Offer

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About Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros

Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is the leading concrete floor company in Wilton Manors, FL and surrounding communities in the Sunshine State. Our outstanding reputation comes from the concrete resurfacing services and beautiful decorative concrete designs that we produce. Besides this success in the outcome of our overlay job, we are also known for our values and customer service. When you hire us, you will not doubt how we have become the leader in the field within your area.

Our decorative concrete patio, driveway resurfacing, and pool deck resurfacing are our main services. We resurface old concrete floors to repair them and improve their look. The results are guaranteed to be amazing! Our overlays mimic natural elements, such as granite, travertine, marble, stones, rocks, and wood. You will be surprised how we can even create abstract stamped concrete patterns that will be unique.

Our Decorative Concrete Services in Wilton Manors, FL

Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is where you can get concrete resurfacing at a reasonable price. You will reduce the hassle that comes with maintaining other flooring materials. But with a decorative concrete floor, you can enjoy its aesthetics without spending much money and time to keep looking brand-new. If you have a worn-out concrete floor that can still be saved, our concrete resurfacing contractors can handle it.

We will start with inspecting your patio flooring, driveway, or pool deck. Then, we will prepare it, clean it, and make sure that the overlay decorative concrete or stamped concrete layer will efficiently bond to the concrete base. Then, we will do the job the best we can. For just 24 hours, your imprinted or colored concrete floor will dry up. By then, you can enjoy its look and take advantage of it for a long time. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we understand your needs. 

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Wilton Manors

One of the most sought-after services at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is pool deck resurfacing. If you have a concrete pool deck that now looks dull or a pool deck made of other materials, allow us to resurface it with decorative concrete. Allow us to summarize for you why we are trusted by many households in Wilton Manors.

Our kool deck resurfacing is a special service, which you can prefer if you want your pool deck to not absorb heat, preventing your kid’s little feet from burning with the sun’s heat. Trust that our pool deck resurfacing service will also make sure that everyone is safe from slip-and-fall accidents. Aside from these important features, our concrete resurfacing contractors will also ensure that the concrete overlay is eye-catching, elegant, and artistic.


Driveway Resurfacing Wilton Manors


Our employees and contractors at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros know that many residents in Florida worry about taking care of their driveways. This is after experiencing issues time and time again. With our concrete overlay company, we can make sure that you will no longer worry about driveway issues. Our professional driveway resurfacing contractors will handle your driveways.

While we value quality and durability, we are also always on top of designing our concrete overlay work. We are experts in decorative concrete, which means that we can mimic natural patterns and even abstract ones. With us, your beautiful and sturdy driveway will serve your household for so long, making you benefit more than the small, reasonable fee that we charge.

Decorative Concrete Patio Wilton Manors

More people coming and going on your patio means more traffic and use of your patio flooring. This is good because you are always using your patio and enjoying the sun outside your home. However, your patio floor may not last long, given the weather conditions in Wilton Manors, Florida. To make sure that you address this problem, you should choose Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros for our concrete patio. 

We offer stunning decorative concrete patio floors. Whether you prefer colored concrete, decorative concrete, or stamped concrete, we have the skills to bring you the best design that will match your home’s theme, garden, and furniture. Ask us about our reliable services anytime. We are here to give you the best treatment!


Concrete Resurfacing Wilton Manors


Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is the top authority in concrete resurfacing in Wilton Manors. If you live within or near the area, we can repair and design your old concrete professionally and beautifully. So, instead of spending much on replacing your concrete floor, allow us to evaluate it first for concrete resurfacing. If it is viable, then we start doing what we do best. After 24 hours, you can then enjoy the final look.

The best thing about our service is that we can prolong the lifespan of your floor with concrete overlay and our expertise. Moreover, our pocket-friendly porch concrete resurfacing, driveway resurfacing, decorative concrete patio resurfacing, and pool deck resurfacing services are pocket-friendly. 

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