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Pool Deck Resurfacing, Coral Springs, FL

Swimming pools are a gateway to the heart of everyone. Young and old, everybody loves to soak in water, especially during the warm days of the year. For adults, the pool brings the kid in you. For kids, this area of the house is the center of fun and excitement. But to ensure that everyone enjoys the pool, this should be armed with safety features. And one of them is having a slip-resistant pool deck. That is where you can trust Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros for our pool deck resurfacing service.

At our concrete company, we refine the look and safety of your pool deck. In effect, we also remodel your pool area because this overlay decorative concrete that we specialize in is stunning, safe, high-quality, and long-lasting. If your pool deck has changed its color and appearance over time, you will need our expertise not only for improving its look but also its overall quality. Learn more about the benefits of pool deck resurfacing or kool deck resurfacing so you get one for your property soon. 

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What is pool deck resurfacing?

Pool deck resurfacing is a type of concrete resurfacing specially installed in swimming pool decks. This applies a special textured layer on the concrete floor. This is ideal for pool decks because this layer is capable of staying cool, perfect for Florida’s hot climate. 

At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we provide an outstanding concrete overlay for homeowners and establishments in Coral Springs and surrounding communities. Our pool deck resurfacing service is known for the artistic results that enhance the overall appeal of the pool area.

Why your pool deck needs to be resurfaced

Below are four top reasons why your pool deck should be resurfaced by our experts at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros:
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An affordable option than replacement

When your swimming pool has foundation issues or has been sitting there for years unused and not maintained, your option is the replacement of the entire pool. On the contrary, if your pool just looks old, has some cracks, or hasn’t been repaired for years but still has a good foundation, you have a more affordable option. The concrete resurfacing of your pool costs way less than replacement. Even if it is cheaper, it can bring your pool deck and pool area miracles. Learn more about this below.

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Gives your pool a renewed look

Even a well-maintained swimming pool will look dull after years. The colors and the texture will change. With kool deck resurfacing, your pool, and not only the deck, will have a fresh look. Our decorative and stamped concrete services at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros will give your pool a new color or design depending on your preferences. Surely, it will have a trendy look, minimalistic, or contemporary style. The overlay decorative concrete will surely make standout from the pools in your neighborhood.

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Makes the pool deck slip-resistant

Pool deck resurfacing is also all about the safety of the swimmers, especially the kids and elderly. With water splashing on the pool deck, this wet surface can become slippery, causing incidents like slip-and-falls. With the new coating of concrete resurfacing and the texture of stamped concrete, you will have a rough pool deck that is comfortable for your bare feet. Plus, the coat can resist the absorption of heat, which will not hurt anyone’s feet.

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Repairs cracks on the pool deck

Our concrete floor resurfacing is an opportunity for repairing hairline cracks on your pool. This will serve as a preventive measure against structural damage brought about by water damage. Instead of leaving these signs of damage to worsen, you can find that our expertise with concrete will resolve these problems.

Concrete Pool Resurfacing Designs

What is truly amazing with decorative concrete and stamped concrete is that it allows a multitude of design ideas. Note that concrete resurfacing involves techniques that bring these creative styles. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, our contractors can create you a pool deck that looks like a lakeside, stone ledge, or anything that you can imagine. 

Overlays allow various types of patterns. This can mimic stones, wood, tiles, or marble. The concrete floor in your swimming pool area can also have an abstract pattern or different colors. In short, you can choose from many design options in our portfolio. You can also suggest the design that you have in mind. Surely, we can make it a reality. 

Why Choose Us for Your Pool Deck Resurfacing in Coral Springs?

Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is composed of professionals who are experts in installing concrete overlays. We worked hard to build our reputation in this industry, so trust that we will not fail your expectations. Just like our work in the past, we can bring you high-quality concrete floor renovations with our services. Not only with pool decks, but we also transform other floorings outside your home. Come to us for concrete patio resurfacing, driveway resurfacing, concrete porch resurfacing, and other concrete resurfacing services. 

With our expertise in decorative concrete floors, you are certain that you can give your home a new and more beautiful look. Moreover, we take our work seriously because we understand the importance of concrete floors. They should be safe to walk on. With your pool deck, as it gets wet naturally, we assure you that we will not take this for granted. We are not like the other shady companies that use substandard materials and tools and work fast and haphazardly. Here at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we use the best, industry-grade materials, tools, and equipment. With us, we first inspect the area involved and then plan carefully, which includes a realistic timeline of when we will finish the job. We will keep you updated every time. 

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