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Anyone who resides in Parkland, FL is aware that concrete is the best choice when it comes to flooring. Concrete floors are popular for their durability, appearance, quality, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. That is also why we believe in this material. And since then, Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros has specialized in installing decorative concrete and stamped concrete in your area and the communities nearby. We are here to make sure that the overlay concrete floor outside your house will last more than a decade.

The flexibility of concrete when it comes to design is guaranteed. And with our craftsmanship, we can provide you with amazing decorative concrete designs, colored concrete, or stamped concrete. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we create beautiful patterns, such as cobblestone, tiles, wood, brick, stone, granite, and marble. To make it more interesting, we can provide abstract overlay designs and patterns that will make your driveway, pool deck, and patio flooring stand out from the rest.

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About Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros

Our reputation precedes itself. Need we say more? Allow our customers and portfolio to show you why we are the best candidate in Parkland, FL that you should rely on. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros dominates concrete resurfacing and overlay decorative concrete solutions in your area and surrounding communities.  

We provide reliable and outstanding pool deck resurfacing, driveway resurfacing, decorative concrete patio, and concrete resurfacing services. Once you see the quality of the concrete overlay job that we do, you will not think twice about working with our concrete resurfacing contractors. Plus, know that we take our job seriously without asking for unreasonable fees and hidden charges. We are honest from start to finish. 

Our Overlay Decorative Concrete Services in Parkland, FL

Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is truly the pros in providing stamped concrete and decorative concrete services in Parkland, FL and surrounding areas. We use state-of-the-art technology, materials, and equipment. Moreover, we employ hardworking, experienced, licensed, and insured concrete overlay contractors. Read more below to learn more about the services that we offer:

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Parkland FL

Swimming pools are fairly common in many homes in Parkland, FL. After all, everybody likes to get some respite from Florida’s sunshine by soaking in the swimming pool’s cool water. Know, however, that the pool should not only be cool but also the pool deck. To achieve this, we provide cool deck resurfacing or kool deck resurfacing.  This is a special type of overlay concrete that keep the pool deck from absorbing heat, keeping it cool for the feet. Especially in the burning heat under the sun, you don’t want anyone’s feet to burn or hurt.

All of our pool deck resurfacing services are intended for the safety and enjoyment of your family. Our concrete resurfacing contractors will provide a slip-resistant pool deck. Moreover, we provide a durable decorative concrete pool deck, so your pool area will last longer. Your guests will think that you got a brand-new swimming pool after our pool deck resurfacing service has been completed.


Driveway Resurfacing Parkland FL


Our driveway resurfacing service at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is pretty in demand because our customers find that their previous contractors failed to provide them with the quality that they expected. Unfortunately, their driveways incur damage and issues in a short period. But after choosing us to fix their driveways, our customers become satisfied with our work. Note that with little upkeep, you can enjoy your decorative or stamped concrete driveway for a long time without much effort.

Our unique and eye-catching colored concrete, stamped concrete, and decorative concrete driveways are worth it! In fact, you will not need to pay as much compared to how it will look and how long our driveway resurfacing service will serve you. We end up having referrals due to our beautiful and durable finish product. Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is your best option when it comes to services that have something to do with concrete floors.

Decorative Concrete Patio Parkland FL

The ideal way to make sure that your patio flooring lasts for a long time without showing much wear and tear is by getting a decorative concrete patio from Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros. The designs that stamped concrete and decorative concrete offer are a wide range of elegant, contemporary, and classic concrete patio options. 

At our company, we create beautiful concrete patio flooring that will match your home’s theme. At a low cost, you have a unique overlay decorative concrete floor for your living space outside your home. We can make your patio look and feel very comfortable. It is not about aesthetics alone but also sturdiness that can withstand the tropical weather of Parkland, Florida. If you reside nearby, we are ready to assist you with our outstanding concrete patio overlay services.


Concrete Resurfacing Parkland FL


Concrete resurfacing is significant for your concrete flooring. Concrete resurfacing repairs hairline crack and other wear and tear damages. Other than that, this overlay can serve as a renovation solution that updates the look and design of your concrete floor, pool deck, driveway, or patio flooring. After our reliable decorative concrete work, it will look brand-new. Little do others know that the concrete layer underneath is your old concrete floor. 

At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we press concrete designs so you can a floor that looks like tiles, rock, marble, granite, marble, travertine, and lots more patterns! Our concrete resurfacing cost is affordable for the professional and durable work that we provide. If you do not have a design in mind right now, we can provide a portfolio rich with concrete floor design ideas. We are excited to be with you in remodeling the look of your home’s exterior flooring! 

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If you wish to benefit from our overlay decorative concrete, pool deck resurfacing, decorative concrete patio, concrete resurfacing, or driveway resurfacing, call Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros now! Our representatives will gladly attend to your needs and give you a free evaluation and quote! Give us a call today!

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