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Decorative Concrete, Oakland Park, FL

Concrete floors are popular in Oakland, FL just like any other area in Florida. This is because how it fits well with the tropical weather of the Sunshine State. The material itself is readily available, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we offer reliable concrete overlay for driveways, patio flooring, porches, walkways, and pool decks. 

Our commitment to providing high-quality service has been proven with our long years in the business and happy property owners. Our overlay concrete work has made it to challenging weather conditions. Moreover, our concrete resurfacing service has transformed many old, worn-out concrete floors into beautiful, brand-new-looking floors. Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is truly the pros you are looking for!

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About Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros

Concrete is definitely not a new flooring material for the residents of Oakland Park, FL. But what we can offer at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, are four things: durability, a wide variety of decorative concrete designs, professionalism, and reasonable pricing. We do not only promise these things, but we have done it for our long list of past customers within and nearby Oakland, FL. 

Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is the overlay company to rely on for attractive flooring designs. We create unique designs with our decorative concrete, colored concrete, and stamped concrete creations. Our contractors can handle what you need with their experience, knowledge, and training. Give us a call today to learn more about what we do best! 

Our Overlay Decorative Concrete Services in Oakland Park

As we recently referenced, Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros offers every conceivable concrete resurfacing service that you might require. Whether it be driveway resurfacing, pool deck resurfacing, concrete porch resurfacing, or decorative concrete patio, we can do everything. We generally stay updated on the most recent techniques, so regardless of whether you have a unique decorative concrete design idea, we can take care of you.

We have practical experience in stamped concrete and overlay decorative concrete work. We comprehend that these need special procedures which is why we all always keep ourselves abreast with the new techniques and technologies. Our contractors are licensed, certified, and insured, so you won’t worry about who you are working with and the results of our overlays.

In all your concrete overlay and concrete resurfacing needs, trust our professionals! Contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote!

Pool Deck Resurfacing Oakland Park

With pools in essentially many homes in Oakland Park, FL, individuals will need a gorgeous pool deck to go with it. You can do numerous things with your pool deck with decorative concrete, and the most trustworthy of the pool deck resurfacing choices would be a decorative concrete kool deck resurfacing. This is because it is a unique feature. As a pool deck resurfacing type, the deck doesn’t heat up, even during extremely hot summers. 

A concrete pool deck can truly assist with safeguarding the possibilities of mishaps from slippery floors. You can likewise make your pool deck look great while being protected by doing colored concrete or decorative concrete resurfacing or a mix of the two. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we can make sure that your pool deck will have texture, style, and safety features combined!


Driveway Resurfacing Oakland Park


There are materials available to use for your driveway, yet nothing comes even close to the utility of concrete. Concrete resurfacing makes it last far longer than different materials with simple upkeep and resealing done annually or less for a low cost. Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros is the leading authority when it comes to concrete driveway resurfacing that takes into account your need for sturdiness and long lifespan as well as a multitude of design choices.

Alongside such concrete overlay toughness, assuming that you need style, concrete has you covered there as well. You have in a real sense limitless conceivable design choices with a decorative concrete driveway. You can pick any sort of colored or stamped concrete pattern in our portfolio at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros to give your driveway a look that complements the style of your home exterior.

Decorative Concrete Patio Oakland Park

A patio is an outdoor living space for many households in Oakland, FL. It is a place where everyone can enjoy special occasions and simple daily rituals. A concrete patio is a smart choice for keeping your patio flooring looking great for a really long time with minimal to no wear and tear. This is particularly significant as household members spend time and bond on their cozy patios.

A decorative concrete patio enjoys different benefits as well. Affordable concrete patio cost together with sturdiness diminishes the lifetime expense on it. That as well as a more noteworthy variety in concrete designs, you can have a truly special patio for your family and guests to enjoy. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we are committed to helping you have elegant patio flooring!


Concrete Resurfacing Oakland Park


Concrete resurfacing is essentially important to build, repair, or maintain any type of concrete floor. The most ideal way to do this is through a concrete overlay. In any case, significant cracks or holes are filled up or basically fixed to make sure that the concrete base will maintain its integrity. At Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros, we will prep your concrete floor, patio flooring, or pool decks first before pouring the decorative concrete layer.

This layer can have a color, texture, pattern, or all of them. Our concrete resurfacing contractors can handle any design that you choose. We can also provide you with options if you do not have any in mind right now. Trust that we will bring back the integrity of your concrete floor foundation to make it have a longer lifespan.

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Whether big or small, we treat every project the same. We deliver professionalism and high-quality work at a reasonable cost in Oakland Park, FL. Grab your phone and call our experts at Gold Coast Decorative Concrete Pros now! Otherwise, you can also submit through the web form for your questions. We will gladly accommodate your needs!

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